Experience Sampling Made Simple

See what Harvard's Dr. Baugh says in FORBES HERE about using ESmCapture in her award winning research.

ESm Capture makes designing, deploying, and data collection for studies simple and quick. Simple enough to complete a sophisticated randomized control field study without the need for IT experts. Quick enough to have an idea and put it in the field in minutes.

Step 1: Publish Your Survey

Bring your experience sampling into a new era of speed and accuracy. You publish your surveys, and your participants are updated in real time over the internet. Change questions, update schedules, and add new surveys – all without physical access.

Step 2: Text to sign-up using the web app or install the iOS app

The smartphone, mini-tablet, or tablet are all great ways to collect this data. They are already in the hands of many people, and with just a few in your stock you can also hand them out to those who do not have one.

Step 3: Collect Your Data

You get real-time data from your participants for health care, medicine, device, or behavior-focused research.

There are many marketing style research platforms, but to understand behavior it needs to be sampled in-the-moment, over time, longitudinally. Our new dashboard management makes it easy to:

  • Activate and deactivate users
  • Share a link, text, or QR Code for instant sign-up
  • Download your data as a .csv file


It’s free to try. Pay only when you are ready to start collecting data.